Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wonder Showzen

This is completely worth watching. Unless you are religious conservative. Then much like a sex negative feminist you probably do not understand humor. In the second episode God is revealed to be black and destroys the world. Then a puppet that is an atheist lies to himself so that he can go to heaven and convince God to put the world back together an idea that a live action little girl said. The puppet defeats God at rock paper scissors. God can't take losing and commits suicide after rebuilding the world. Then the puppet & the little girl, Caitlin, eat the body of God. The episode ends with Todays' Wonder Showzen brought to you by Whitey's Gobtastic God Sauce: "Lordy, that Lord Meat is ass-kickin' hot"

That is only one instance in why this show is the best show with puppets and children for adults. It is amazing. Personally one of my favorite shows ever.


  1. I see David Cross' name in the labels, which also makes me think this might be worth watching.

  2. I remember watching this show on mtv, I think? I liked that one episode where the puppet went around asking people, who were jogging, what they were running from. ahahaha