Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Sitter

This movie is not worth watching.
This movie is not worth watching if you have your life together and if you are a Man. If you are hipster you should watch this. If you are a homosexual then you should definitely watch this. If you are girl, there really aren't "hot" male actors so, if you want to then sure watch it. If you live at home with your parents and have been kicked out of college and are overweight then yes totally watch this. If you let women and other people make decisions for you then watch this.
David Gordon Green the director of this film and Pineapple Express seems extremely interested in drugs. Both films have featured drug dealers as villains. James Franco makes a brief cameo in this film, you have to watch to catch him on a tv in a scene. Kreayshawn's "Gucci Gucci" can be overheard at a hipster party. If you are hipster and since this is a blog, most of the audience is then yeah go watch it. The main character is someone with low self-esteem and almost as worse as the guy from Cloverfield. There is an awesome scene where the main character has just risked his life and now his "girlfriend" says that they are just friends; when a guy that she is in love with is in the room. Very funny.
You will cheer for the "hero" if you are against taking personal responsibility. If you are middle class you will support him. If you have a job, you probably won't. The story isn't plausible but that doesn't matter. It has kids in it and they are funny. The kid from El Salvador is awesome. He is quite the fire-cracker. The movie makes a great comment on young girls acting like adults and imitating people like Paris Hilton and that being a bad thing. I wish that message was more widespread. The film is Rated R by the way. There is "bad language" and a lot of drugs. Drugs are a plot mover in this film. It feels like the entire movie is made up of stock characters from other movies.
A lot of the characters feel like stereotypes to me. Oh there is a gay guy and he is on rollerblades. Hey look an asian with poor english. Oh look a crazy violent coke dealer. Oh look some black people...obviously they are in a gang. Obviously the white male character will be completely and immediately accepted by them. What a jolly fun time for all.
This must have been written by a loser that has never gone out of his house. Probably a basement dweller from 4 chan, not that there is anything necessarily wrong with that. Still, the main character that is a complete loser and not a man instantly gets an attractive girlfriend that has always been attracted to him, but afraid to talk to him??? Really?
I didn't know that hipsters were really into Cocaine until watching this. So if you want a heart warming story that is a white/hipster cocaine-fueled version of "Are WE There Yet?" & "Broke Back Mountain for kids"; then go see "The Sitter" with Jonah Hill. If you are feeling down this movie might pick you up. If you already are up it will just make you shake your head.

Oh yeah: The main female character: the "girlfriend" is Caroline from Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist. So yeah, uber hipster. Or as they would say: "this flick is deck."

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